About the Book

Memoirs of an Unfinished Tale retells Acts of the Apostles, as if Luke were emphasizing points otherwise lost on his disciple Theophilus.  Memoirs breaks down the book into various episodes and stories, all of which conclude with personal application questions.

The book works on the level of individual study and meditation, so anyone can pick it and use it for himself or herself.

Even more powerfully it can work in a group or classroom setting, and that is why it is called “performative” Bible study.  There is short video below to give you a glimpse of how a performative Bible study might work for a group. It speaks to the serious teaching get-togethers, the more adventurous college and high school fellowships, or even a spontaneous church camp setting.  Go through the website to see how this book can become a powerful tool for understanding the Bible.

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Click below for the short video of how one group used this approach for the Gospel of Luke:

Performative group activity

Click below for a new video of a large group doing performative Bible study with the author:

Mark Whitters