Conversations with Mother India: A Sabbatical in Asia

I came back from a month in India with a new and living perspective on my life and on the way I teach about Asia and Eastern religion. Take a look at my journal and see if you can understand what I wrote. Also attached to the “Personal Thoughts” page are some videos that more graphically narrate what I presented in Conversations with Mother India.

A visit to Mother India’s architectural jewel in the searing heat of 110 degrees!

Memoirs of How It All Began Wins Award

The Illumination Book Awards, “shining a light on exemplary Christian books,” announces “Memoirs of How It All Began” as the 2020 Silver Medal winner in the Category “Bible Study.” Learn more about “Memoirs of How It All Began

Mark holding the award

Reconnecting the Threads Podcast

How can we think and dialogue constructively about problems that undermine our solidarity in the community? Professors Mark Whitters and Dan Propson interview guests who tell us about topics like spirituality without religion, loneliness in an age of instant chat, homecomings for the homeless, street life and gangs in our neighborhoods. Listening to one another’s stories goes a long way toward reconnecting and making sense of things.

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