Conversations with Mother India

I came back from a month in India with a new and living perspective on my life and on the way I teach about Asia and Eastern religion.

Take a look at my journal and see if you can understand what I learned. Also below are some videos that more graphically narrate what I presented in “Conversations with Mother India.”

My Journal: Conversations With Mother India.docx

110 degrees F., but who can pass up Mother India’s architectural jewel?
Greeting from the Ganges River

Video of Shantikunj Ashram, May 2022:

About markwhitters

Always seeking new ways to make ancient texts come alive, Mark Whitters has taught and designed award-winning "reacting" classes for many years at Eastern Michigan University. He has written more than 20 mostly academic articles on Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The publications for his essays include Harvard Theological Review, Journal of Biblical Literature, Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Journal for the Study of Judaism, and Commonweal. He also was a lead editor for the 7-volume Encyclopedia of World History (Facts on File, 2008). Outside the classroom, he sponsors a spiritual awareness discussion group for area college and university instructors called the Socratic Club, and has traveled many times to the Middle East and the Mediterranean world. He is a member of an ecumenical brotherhood called the Servants of the Word, whose Detroit house reaches out to youth in the neighborhoods. In his time off, he loves cooking (and good food) and still tries to keep in shape. And he prays!
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